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'music transcends boundaries'
Koblenz, Downbeat Best Albums of 2015


'The music of Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli has spawned countless imitators and revivalists the world over, but where others have used the Gypsy swing idiom as a vehicle for virtuosity Weltlinger brings a refreshing sense of innocence to bear. The violinist imbues the melodies and his sound with a lightness and joyousness that can coexist with any sadness or pensiveness implicit in a given piece.'
John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald, January 4, 2015


Of French-Austro-Hungarian-Israeli family background, Sydney-born/Berlin based violinist and composer Daniel Weltlinger has been widely acclaimed worldwide by critics and audiences alike for his distinctive sound and improvisational approach in the genres of Gypsy-swing, jazz, klezmer and experimental/free-improvised music. He is frequently in demand as a solo recording/performance artist with some of the world’s top musicians in a variety of different formats, and is highly sought after for his technical and musical mastery on his main instrument. A graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, he has performed and recorded in concert halls and festivals across Australia, Europe, China, Morocco, Turkey, the US and Israel with a wide range of renowned artists and ensembles including German-Gypsy guitar legend Lulo Reinhardt, Berlin based Yiddish singer/actor Karsten Troyke, Polish-Australian chanteur Nadya Golski and her 101 Candles Orkestra, Australian multi-ARIA Award-winning Gyp-rock band Monsieur Camembert, the critically acclaimed Turkish-Classical Ensemble Olivinn and Danish bass player Kenneth Dahl Knudsen amongst countless others. He runs the independent record label/webzine and blog Rectify Records which produced the album ‘Koblenz’ nominated as amongst the best albums of 2015 by Downbeat Magazine, and co-leads a number of ensembles including Gypsy-swing collective 'Stachelites' with guitarist Janko Lauenberger, as well as ‘Zohar’s Nigun’ and ‘The Asthmatix’ with long-time associate keyboardist Daniel Pliner - both ensembles which fuse Jewish themes and Kabbalistic-inspired improvisation within the respective contemporary frameworks of jazz and electronica/hip-hop.

Weltlinger is endorsed by a number of top international companies and has benefited from the support of BNP Paribas in Australia and the BNP Paribas Foundation in Paris for the development of a trilogy of recordings inspired by the music of the Belgian born Manouche guitarist/composer Django Reinhardt - 'Souvenirs' (2011), ‘Koblenz’ (2014) and 'Samoreau' (2017). He has ongoing sponsorships with Danish microphone producer DPA microphones, the US-based company Saga instruments as well as the Scotland based company Skyinbow acoustic pickups, and is a co-composer with Australian producer/composer Bruce Maginnis for the international production music library houses Audio Network, Fable, Cavendish Music and Focus Music.



Artist and ensemble collaborations have included:

Lulo Reinhardt
Karsten Troyke
Sharon Brauner
Suzanna Meier
Janko Lauenberger
Taylor Savvy
Ensemble Olivinn
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen
Ingrid Halle
Nikko Weidemann
Wally Schmitt
Bettina Wegner
Dotschy Reinhardt
Nadya Golski
Monsieur Camembert
Daniel Pliner
Alon Ilsar
Edouard Bronson
Marcello Maio
Ian Date
Nigel Date
John Maddox
Tim Bradley
Swing de Gitanes
Joaquin Amenabar
Peter Baylor
Jon Delaney
Kain Borlase
Howard Cairns
Caley Groves
Jules Brunton
Aiko Aiko
FA Tech
Blake Worrell
Marian Tone
Berlin Improvisers Orchestra
Tristan Honsinger
Klaus Kürvers
Hui-Chun Lin
Wolfgang Georgsdorf
Lutz Schlosser
Lollo Meier
Paulus Schafer
Samson Shmitt
Yourgui Loeffler
Rigo Winterstein
Ricky Adler Quartett
Taylor Paucken
Mike Reinhardt
Moro Reinhardt
I Gitanos
Mogeli Geisler
Smeily Wienes-Adler
Sascha Reinhardt
Diego Reinhardt
Andreas Oberg
Bruce Maginnis
Stephen Rae
Alan John
Brook Andrew
Neill Duncan
Guy Gross
Peter Winkler
Roger Mason
Greg Gibson
Reuben Derrick
Chris Tanner
Philippe Wittwer
Clayton Thomas
Clare Cooper
Wayne Freer
Fuego Lento
Buddy Bolden Revival Orchestra
Ewan Mackenzie
Miki Gavrielov
Naftali Abramson
Swing Bien Sur
Peter Petrel
Malcolm Lilly
Itamar Erez
Sangeet Mishna
Alexey Krupsky
Kevin Davy
Nigel Kennedy
Slava Grigoryan
Joseph Tawadros
Bobby Singh
Al Slavik
Oscar Jiminez
Darren Moore
Simon Powis
Mark Van Doornum
Peter Holo
Ilan Kidron
Out Of The Blue
Fay Sussman
Dahlia Dior
Cameron Ford
John Blenkhorn
David Blenkhorn
Cameron Jones
Lucky Oceans
Adam Sussman
Matt Earle
Phil Slater’s Very Very Interactive Band
Leo Bonne
The Ticklers
Splinter Orchestra
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Australian Youth Orchestra
STC Actor’s Company
Belvoir Street Theatre Company
Theatre Of Image
Cope Street Parade
Mic Conway’s National Junk Band
The Noise
On The Stoop
Waiting For Guinness
The Jews Brothers
The Colours
Peppermint T
Doch Gypsy Orchestra