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© 2014 Daniel Weltlinger

Of French-Austro-Hungarian-Israeli family background, Sydney-born/Berlin based Daniel Weltlinger is one of the world’s great violinists and composers and is highly acclaimed for his distinctive sound and improvisational approach in the genres of Gypsy-swing, jazz, klezmer and experimental/free-improvised music. He is frequently in demand as a solo recording/performance artist with some of the world’s top musicians in a variety of different formats, and is highly sought after for his technical and musical mastery on his main instrument.


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Upcoming events


10/09/16 Hepcats Corner Fundraiser, Berlin w Stachelites
11/09/16 Jüdische Gemeinde, Leipzig at Ariowitschhaus w Sharon Brauner & Karsten Troyke
14/09/16 Jüdische Gemeinde, Schwerin w Sharon Brauner & Karsten Troyke
15/09/16 Jüdische Gemeinde, Rostock w Sharon Brauner & Karsten Troyke
17/09/16 Panda Theatre, Berlin w Suzanna, Karsten Troyke and Spreefalter
18/09/16 Jüdische Gemeinde, Osnabrück w Sharon Brauner & Karsten Troyke
22/09/16 Panda Theatre, Berlin w Karsten Troyke and Hinterlandt
23/09/16 Lima10, Hannover w Hinterlandt
24/09/16 Donau115, Berlin w Hinterlandt
08/10/16 Venue 505, Sydney w Hinterlandt
09/10/16 Royal Exchange, Newcastle w Hinterlandt
13/10/16 Venue 505, Sydney w Asthmatix

14/10/16 Unorthodox Church of Groove, Newcastle w Nigel Date, Ben Panucci and Thomas Wade
15/10/16 Camelot Lounge, Sydney w Monsieur Camembert

16/10/16 Hotel Blue, Katoomba w Hinterlandt
20/10/16 Camelot Lounge, Sydney - Daniel Weltlinger plays the music of Lulo Reinhardt
27/10/16 Paris Cat, Melbourne w Peter Baylor, Jon Delaney and Kain Borlase

07/11/16 Berlin, Renaissance Theater w Sharon Brauner, Karsten Troyke a.o.

11/11/16 Schönow bei Bernau, Dorfkirche w Karsten Troyke

16/11/16 Berlin, Ballhaus Berlin, w Bente Kahan, Karsten Troyke, Daniel Pliner

19/11/16 Gera, Trinitatiskirche, w Walfriede Schmitt, Karsten Troyke,

              Daniel Pliner, Martin Buhl Staunstrup Jan Hermerschmidt

10/12/16 Berlin, PANDA Theater, w Suzanna, Karsten Troyke, Götz Lindenberg

11/12/16 Berlin, PANDA Theater, w Suzanna, Karsten Troyke, Götz Lindenberg