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© 2014 Daniel Weltlinger


Of French-Austro-Hungarian-Israeli family background, Sydney-born/Berlin based violinist and composer Daniel Weltlinger has been widely acclaimed worldwide by critics and audiences alike for his distinctive sound and improvisational approach in the genres of Gypsy-swing, jazz, klezmer and experimental/free-improvised music. He is frequently in demand as a solo recording/performance artist with some of the world’s top musicians in a variety of different formats, and is highly sought after for his technical and musical mastery on his main instrument.

                                   NEW ALBUM: SAMOREAU - released March 31, 2017

'This album is often so swollen with beauty it is like time-lapse photography of tulips blooming. The final instalment of Daniel Weltlinger's trilogy paying homage to Django Reinhardt, it consists of Weltlinger's own compositions – from lilting waltzes to surging swing – played with a band including his long-term collaborator Lulo Reinhardt (Django's great-nephew) on guitar. Several tracks have no fewer than five acoustic rhythm guitars (played by Lulo and his nephews, underpinned by Harold Becher's bass) creating the sort of thrust usually associated with jet engines, and if that wasn't going to get Weltlinger's violin airborne, nothing would. Not that becoming airborne is a challenge for the violinist, whose plush tone has a built-in soaring quality, whether he plays with scything velocity or leaves notes hanging in the air with such poignancy that time itself seems to stand still. '

                                    John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald, March 24, 2017. 



Upcoming events:


27/01/17 Wabe, Berlin w Karsten Troyke, Jalda Rebling and Aufwind
28/01/17 Wabe, Berlin w Karsten Troyke, Jalda Rebling and Aufwind
29/01/17 Wabe, Berlin w Karsten Troyke, Daniel Kahn and Jalda Rebling
02/02/17 Münchner Volkstheater, Munich w Dotschy Reinhardt
12/03/17 Zig Zag Jazz Club, Berlin w Stachelites
30/03/17 Tipi am Kanzleramt w Sharon Brauner and band
31/03/17 Tipi am Kanzleramt w Sharon Brauner and band

08/04/17 Django Bar, Sydney w Nadya and Zoran's 101 Candles Orkestra
09/04/17 Camelot Lounge, Sydney ALBUM LAUNCH 'SAMOREAU'
13/04/17 Unorthodox Church of Groove, Newcastle ALBUM LAUNCH 'SAMOREAU'

15/04/17 Camelot Lounge, Sydney w Monsieur Camembert
20/04/17 Paris Cat, Melbourne ALBUM LAUNCH 'SAMOREAU'
22/04/17 The Boite, Melbourne ALBUM LAUNCH 'SAMOREAU'
11/05/17 Ballhaus Berlin, Berlin ALBUM LAUNCH 'SAMOREAU'
24/05/17 Zweite Heimat, Höhr Grenzhausen ALBUM LAUNCH 'SAMOREAU'

25/05/17 Die Kunsthalle, Montabaur w Lulo Reinhardt Quartet
16/06/17 B Flat, Berlin w Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra
17/06/17 B Flat, Berlin w Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Orchestra

30/06/17 Django's Erben, Koblenz w Rigo Winterstein Swingtett